December 2020

The Reopening Sub-Committee continues to meet on a regular basis to assess our ability to reopen the church building to our Common Ground family. As we meet we are reminded that “The building may be closed, but the church is open.” We continue to need to connect in other ways. We all need to thank the Pastors, staff,  and the leadership team of our Common Ground community for coming  up with creative ways for us to worship and stay connected.

Last Sunday, after virtual worship, we held a zoom Town Hall meeting on the  reopening process. It was well attended and a great exchange of information  was shared. For those of you unable to attend, we would like to summarize our  discussion. As you all know, the pandemic is at a critical point with new cases,  hospitalizations, and, unfortunately, deaths at an all time high, so, the meter for  reopening has not moved. Speaking of “meter”, we have a graphic meter that will be posted with church  communications and will allow you at a glance to see where the process of  reopening stands. It is attached to this communication.

We also had a general Q&A about the process. The Pastors did an excellent job  of explaining why considerations were made to allow NA to use the Fellowship Hall, and this was widely supported by zoom attendees. We also had a discussion on the vaccines that have become available and encouraged all to seriously consider being vaccinated for Covid. It is one small way that we can not only protect ourselves but also curb the spread of the disease.

As always, if you have any specific questions or comments, please feel free to  contact any of the committee members. This also applies to any ideas that you  might have for us to safely connect. Please continue to mask, social distance,  wash hands, and avoid social gatherings. Our faith community can set an  excellent example. Please stay safe and celebrate that Jesus is the reason for  the season.

Reopening Sub-Committee:

Lowell Becker
Penny  Messer
Frank Wells
Eric Ryberg
Erika Knight
Pastors Andrew and Amelia